Erasmus+ 2021-2027

Services & Sectors


One of our strengths is our interdisciplinary approach and ability to bring together sectors and disciplines in ways that are meaningful to achieve long-term impact. We serve clients representing a variety of sectors and stakeholders including public authorities, private organizations, civil society, non-profit organizations, large enterprises and SMEs.


Education & learning

Serving the full range of the education sector including early childhood, primary, secondary, higher, vocational (VET) and professional education.

E-learning & digital solutions

Core expertise in developing e-learning, mobile learning, and gamified solutions across disciplines.

Innovation & entrepreneurship

Inspiring creativity, innovation and strategic visioning; infusing innovation across sectors; and supporting entrepreneurship.

Sustainable development

Serving the health and environment sectors, focusing on sustainable consumption, environmental education, clean energy, smart cities, and sustainable communities.


Learning design and curriculum development

With a core team of qualified learning designers, we design curricula and learning environments in a variety of sectors, both for Face-to-Face and online contexts. Examples of projects include Design-Practice, Social Electricity, and DIMA, for which we developed curricula and courses in the areas of green energy, learning design, education strategy development, and digital literacies.

Networking and partnership building

We have collaborated with local and global institutions for more than 20 years. We bring together organizations who share the same values, interests, and objectives in designing sustainable solutions. For example, we founded and manage the Mediterranean Migration Network, and actively participate in many other local and global networks.

Seminars, training courses, and education programs

We work with clients to design and deliver custom learning solutions for diverse disciplines. Courses are developed for all sectors we are active in. Examples of courses include Time Management, Designing and Delivering Online Courses, Designing and Funding your research, and Digital literacy. For details and examples, visit our education and training portal The Knowledge Hub.

E-learning, gamification, and mobile learning

We have developed large scale initiatives of e-learning supported with interactive tools, gamified apps, and mobile learning, delivered around the globe, in both education and business oriented settings. Examples include the development of the Advocacy e-lab project for World vision to train its global team, and the youth platforms to develop local activities using gamification.

Monitoring, evaluation, and quality assurance

Proper monitoring and evaluation are essential for the successful completion of projects. A recent example is an evaluation system implemented in 42 local schools in Galicia region. Another example is the learning needs assessment of all managers employed in the public sector, conducted for the Galician Regional Government.

Dissemination and exploitation

With a large database of contacts of more than 1000 organizations and experts, SOCIAL ACTION FOR YOUTH is the ideal dissemination partner with access to markets around the world. Our custom-designed interactive dissemination tools provide individualized design and dissemination services to private and public organizations. We co-organize more than 100 events every year, like the National event for you called «Organising» and the female school of politics ESPOLITICA.

Project ideation, design, and management

With a portfolio of more than 200 projects, we have core expertise in designing and managing projects in a variety of sectors, on a global scale. We follow a design-thinking model for generating ideas for projects with strong potential for success and long-term impact.

Grant proposal preparation and fundraising

We have developed a network of more than 1000 organizations in Europe and globally, which we leverage to develop competitive proposals for grants and public tenders, with a very high success rate in proposal applications. Funding agencies we have worked with include EuropeAid, USAID, United Nations, European Commission, and governments around the world.




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